The Best Pumpkin Spice Recipes – Who’s Cooking Spicier?

There are many pumpkin spice products that can be purchased, but today I want to focus on cooking/baking our own pumpkin spice goodies. I’ve tasted delicious pumpkin spice cakes, cookies, coffees, lattes, and many more things. Now I’m looking to find some of the best pumpkin spice recipes.


I’m a huge cake fan, in general and will hardly ever turn down cake when it is available or offered. Although I attempt to minimize the frequency of partaking of cake, I’m tempted with every visit to the Pumpkin Spice Cakegrocery store. Am I the only one with this type of temptation? Surely not.

I’d like to add an awesome pumpkin spice cake recipe or two to my favorite recipes, so I’m on the outlook for your input on the best pumpkin spice recipes for cakes. I’m open to all types – frosting, no frosting, single layer, multi-layer, with nuts or no nuts. The only requirement is it must be “the best”. Oh my, I can almost task it now! Hurry, get those recipes in.


Okay, for me, cookies are nowhere near as tempting as cake, but they can satisfy with a nice cup of Pumpkin spice cookiescoffee. Cookies can span a wide range of types. There are crispy ones, chewy ones, crumbly ones, and ooey-gooey ones. I tend to prefer more of the softer, moist, and cakey ones. I guess that goes back to my love of cake. LOL

Same thing as the cake, I’m looking for the best pumpkin spice recipes for cookies. Someone once made some really good ones for me, but I never got the recipe. So, I need some help here. Send those wonderful recipes this way!

Other Desserts

I know I said I’m a serious cake fan, but I should say that desserts are a definite weak spot when pumpkin spice cupcakemanaging my diet. It’s only made worse when the dessert is

pumpkin spice.

Again, I’m looking for the best pumpkin spice recipes and this can be for any type of dessert. What do you have? Send them my way. Seriously, I’m having some serious pumpkin spice sugary goodness withdraws.


Lattes, hot chocolates, coffees, and on and on. What are your favorite pumpkin spice drinks?

Pumpkin spice drinkDoesn’t a nice, hot, pumpkin spice drink make for the coziest of evenings when the air outside has that fall chill? Stretch out on the sofa under a soft, warm blanket while watching a favorite movie or reading a good book. it’s so relaxing just thinking about it.

OK, to make my cozy evening a reality, I need your help to find the best pumpkin spice recipes for great drinks. Sure, I could buy one at that expensive chain that serves drinks, but there’s something about creating and enjoying my own drink.

How Long Are You Going to Make Me Wait?!

LOL! I’m only joking with you. I really appreciate you spending time hearing me out and even giving consideration to providing me one of the best pumpkin spice recipes you know of. Think of it this way, as you provide recipes, others will get to share in it. And, as others provide, you’ll get their recipes, as well. It’s a win-win all the way around. We can have a “best pumpkin spice recipes” party!





4 replies on “The Best Pumpkin Spice Recipes – Who’s Cooking Spicier?”

  1. Bailey says:

    You have a really fun site going here. This post is making me look forward to fall and pumpkin spice season!

  2. Taianne says:

    I love fall and your site is making me look forward to the season. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. In fact several years ago I had bought a bag of tiny pumpkins infused with the aroma. I set them out in a bowl and set it on my counter. My poor husband thought it was candy! Boy did he get a fooling. lol. Anyway, I love your site.

    • Jeff says:

      LOL. I bet your husband is a bit more careful with your decorations now. That’s funny.
      Thanks for checking out my site. I hope you’ll be back.

      Enjoy Your Pumpkin Spice,

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